Car Alarm Remote Pouch

Here is a simple and cheap solution to prevent your car remote from accidentally disarming your car, without you knowing it!!


Its big enough to hide your car alarm remote inside and close it with a zipper that it will prevent you from accidentally disarm your car, without you knowing it. Even worse, you might pop open your trunk and your car might attract unwanted visitors. Whats the point of an alarm if you might accidentally disarm your car from your pocket, purse or even at home? The long wireless range on these aftermarket alarms made sure of that. But this leather pouch will prevent an accidental disarming, as long as the car alarm remote is inside the pouch, the zipper is closed and no other elements (like house and/or car keys) are inside. You can even have your car brand on the pouch so that it looks authentic and cool!



Car Key Chains Wallet Pouch Customer Made Logo Leather Key Case Holder For Men and Women
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Car Key Chains Wallet Pouch Customer Made Logo Leather Key Case Holder For Men and Women*
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  • Unisex leather car key hook wallet
  • Using high quality leather no fade, no rusting over use
  • Durable fashionable and standard size design make it more convenien to use
  • Eco-friendly material and fashionable design make it more popular around the world
  • Exquisite neat stitching, hand made by professional artisans portable, commonly used for home keys, car keys etc.
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